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The Scarzuola complex, one of the most charming setting in Umbria, originated in the Fifties, when the architect Tommaso Buzzi bought the area in which was an ancient franciscan monastery. According to a tradition St. Francis stayed in this place living in a hut made of "scarsa", an aquatic plant, from which comes the name of the monastery. The legend reports that the Saint planted a rose and a laurel bush in this place and created a source, always venerated by the inhabitants of the aerea. Adjacent to the monastery there is a small church where can be admired a fresco dating back to the XIII century, one among the first images which show the saint in levitation. The architect Tommaso Buzzi (1900-1981), one of the most original designers of the XX century, active in Milan in the twenties and thirties, bought the complex with the aim of building his "ideal city", the "città buzziana": it was constructed in the course of about twenty years. In his book "Lettere Pensieri Appunti 1937-1979" Buzzi himself defines the creation as a sort of "stone-autobiography". At the beginning the architect restored the monastery, then the garden, transforming the former friarsís kitchen garden into a marvellous green complex which renews the myth of Polifiloís love, and this is the "holy city". On the other part the "profane city", the "città buzziana". The "Città Buzziana" stands on a natural amphitheatre and appears to be a tufa construction in which the different elementes are harmoniously connected. They are a sort of theatre scenes: the Theatre of Beehives, the Theatre of Tower, the Theatre on the Water, the Round Patio, the Infinite Patio, the Sport Theatre and the Theatre of Acropoli - all characterized by extravagant and complex forms according to the personal Neo-mannerism of the author. Everywhere staircases, bas-reliefs, statues spread among buldings and monuments, like a philosophical search and esoteric labyrinth.


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