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Trasimeno district

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Lago Trasimeno

Lago Trasimeno

Lago Trasimeno

Lago Trasimeno

Two thousand years of history and art encircling a lake

Administratively, the Trasimeno district is part of Umbria, but as concerns geography and culture it is both Umbria and Tuscany. The characteristics of one and the other are to be found here. It is set in an intriguing borderline area between the two regions, undefined in language and landscape, in the flavour of its cuisine, and in its traditions. It lies right in the centre of Italy, at a point which already in ancient times was close to the routes leading from the centre and from Northern Europe to Rome. A point easily reached and yet secluded. Thus, a very special sort of destination. Not a crowded transit point. Instead, a "wild strawberry" kind of place, which some come across by pure chance, only to become very jealous "regulars".
Within a range of about one hundred kilometres, a near 20% of the world's artistic heritage is at hand: Florence, Perugia, Siena, Arezzo, Assisi, Orvieto, Gubbio, Spoleto, Chiusi, Cortona, Tarquinia ... which means that the greater part of Italian Renaissance art, besides a considerable portion of ancient and mediaeval art, are within easy reach.
Moreover, just a couple of hours drive takes you right into the centre of Rome. All the roads are good and often panoramic.
You can easily go where ever you want. But may be, the beauty of the lake will keep you there.


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